Be an Explorer on the Edge of Your World

It’s deciding to do that thing you’re most afraid of, and discovering you’re not only alright, but better for the experience.

by Cynthia Rosi

Then seeing the next scary thing and saying: “I’m a brave person. I did the last thing that scared me to death. I’m a person of courage and I’m going to do this next thing that scares me to death,” and you do, and it’s ok.

That’s what makes life such an adventure.

You can be Marian the Librarian and lead an adventure-filled life because you’re facing your fears every day. It will look to other people that you’re just an ordinary bod going about ordinary bod things, but you won’t be.

You’ll be an explorer on the edge of your world because you are the bravest person to face the fears that make you the most frightened, and the most courageous to do those things anyway.

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