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Immigrant Stories, and a Home Song

Immigrant voices speak about the American Dream in Episode 010. The event at Wild Goose Creative was sponsored by Peace Catalyst International, Columbus, an organization which brings Christians and Muslims together for prayer, food, sharing stories, and building strong community ties; recording by Roving Reporter Amy Dalrymple. Click on Continue Reading to listen now!

I have made a mistake in this show. When I’m talking about the immigrant story, I wrongly assert that if a person doesn’t have Native American clans on both sides, they are part of the immigrant story. But those people whose ancestors were transported in slave ships were unwilling immigrants to this country, and their story — and the trauma of that disconnection from their family, language, culture, and everything else that went with it — is the story of the African diaspora. Please excuse my mistake, and feel free to leave a comment for me on this page. — CR

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