Word Carver, working lunch

Amy and Cynthia analyze poems by Allison Joseph and Allen Ginsburg, and gossip about the writing life. Listen to Word Carver here, or subscribe in podcasts on your favorite player.

Lulled by Sycamores: An interview with poet Kathy Fagan

Deeply rooted in place, Sycamore Poems follows two conversations as filigree-fine as cloisonne beads: one with the long-lived sycamores of Ohio, and the other about the loss of love. Kathy Fagan, Director of the Creative Writing MFA at Ohio State University, speaks of place, art, and the construction of her poems with Word Carver host…

Coates, Rushdie and Calvino: Beyond Illusion

How many of you feel this alienation and discomfort almost as soon as you open the screen in your cellphone, dip into social media, answer email, or listen to the news? The sages from India called illusion maya and they pray: “from delusion lead me to truth.“ Literature helps us to deal with a society…

Ekphrasis and Emily Bronte

  Word Carver host Cynthia Rosi talks with poet Zoe Brigley Thompson about the ekphrastic art and poetry show hung at Ohio State University. Poetry by Thompson, with art from Victoria Brookland, including the title piece “The Little Cage of Ellis Bell.” To listen, click on the libsyn link. http://wordcarver.libsyn.com/014-word-carver-the-little-cage-of-ellis-bell-interview