Terry Hill, “Memoirs from a Prison Cell”

Terry Hill has hand-sold 6,000 books outside stores and stadiums in Washington State. Hill’s story shows the reader what it’s like to be given away to strangers as a child, grow up in poverty in a small Louisiana logging town, and be abruptly called back to his mother in Seattle as a teenager. Left to his own devices, and given examples of alcoholism and sex addiction as role models, young Terry soon became attracted to thieves in Seattle who had one destination — jail. After decades of addiction to alcohol, sex, and then crack cocaine, and in prison on robbery charges for over a decade, Hill picked up a pencil and begin writing his story. By the time he was done with three drafts, he’d realized the damage crack cocaine had done to his life. The writing process freed Hill’s mind from that addiction and laid a new path for Hill, one dedicated to giving back to the community he’d once robbed.

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